Yes it is true that there are many organisations out there trying to tackle this problem in their own ways. Why us, I’ll tell you why, because we think we offer something new and something needed.

Here’s the NEW bit: Having social media influencers collectively point traffic towards a specific webpage to raise funds has literally never been done before. It’s a brand new idea that we think is going to make a huge difference.

And the NEEDED bit: Us Westerners often mean well, but we do have a tendency to try and rock up and save the day. We try and do a Superman on these communities. But what do we know, we don’t live there. We don’t know what people want, the farmers names, the easiest roads to travel or the price of an onion!

That’s why we have teamed up with non-governmental organisations (NGO’s) all around the world. These guys know their turf! They have the local knowledge and expertise to help us provide what is really needed. The will of one person is all very well, but if we join our individual passions for change together we can make a real difference.

Togetherness is the only way to effect real change.


Everyone has potential. Everyone has purpose. But!… Not everyone is lucky enough to have the tools to convert their terrific potential into super success. Our mission is to find those earth shakers and world changers and give them the kit they need to fulfil their purpose.

Relationships. Community. Empowerment.

These three things are big deal here at Project Ash. It is our mission to seek out and build lasting RELATIONSHIPS with those people that lack the support to reach their potential to effect lasting and positive change for their COMMUNITY. Sure, we provide the essentials; food, water, medicine. But beyond that we are on a quest to give these people the confidence and EMPOWERMENT to lead their societies to a better, more self-sufficient future.

We do this by getting together with local organisations and leaders, and having a ruddy good chinwag to see how we can enhance the brilliant work they are already doing. Then we crack on and work with them to create new, long term ways to tackle the various hydration, nutritional and sanitation challenges faced by them. Lovely.


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