Marine Life Conservation

Did you know that 1.4 billion pounds of trash enters our ocean annually?

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The health of the ocean and marine life are incredibly taken for granted. Although almost 70% of our oxygen comes from the ocean, but humanity continues to pollute and exploit sea life and marine ecosystems. Because of our exponential increase in numbers and disdainful practices, the ocean is as vulnerable to ruin by human activities as any other environmental biome.

Sea Turtles

At Project Ash, we have a long history of working with Green Sea Turtles in Hawaii. Sea turtles are remarkable animals. They can migrate thousands of miles per year, and females return to the beach they were born to nest. It is extremely essential to protect sea turtles because they are currently endangered, and play a vital role in the ecosystems they live in. Even though its illegal to harm, kill, or collect them, these magnificent creatures are constantly in danger because of the illegal wildlife trade, ocean pollution, and overfishing/ bycatch.

Major threats to sea turtles include: poaching, overfishing, habitat destruction and pollution. Studies suggest that the most common causes of their decline is a result of bycatch from fisherman. Bycatch is when fishermen accidentally take other species besides the ones they are trying to fish.

For example, turtles constantly get tangled in nets and fishing lines, even though they aren’t being targeted for food. The majority of the time fishermen don’t see the other animals that get caught in their nets until its too late. 

When fishing for salmon, tuna, shrimp, etc, many turtles are often killed in the process. At Jaws & Paws we are pairing with research institutes in Hawaii to study sea turtles’ sight and how they visualize color in order to place warning signals on nets, so that turtles know not to approach them. We are also partnering with sustainable fishing companies to develop a sustainable net that would prevent bycatch. Dolphins, whales, sharks, sea horses, otters, and seals are other animals that are affected by bycatch.

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Marine Life Conservation

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How Can You Help?

1. Reduce your use of single-use plastics (plastic bags, straws, etc.) 

2. Recycle 

3. Contribute to Beach/ River Cleanups! 

4. Support bans and write to your policy makers! 

5. Try not to use microbeads click HERE to learn more about what these are. 

6. Raise awareness about ocean pollution!

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