Project Ash is an online fundraising platform that raffles once-in-a-lifetime experiences & exclusive merchandise in support of charitable causes.

Rick, our founder, had an idea didn’t he? He had a little google. What was he after? Well, he wanted to see what there was out there in terms of global social campaigns that are geared towards supporting charities. It looked as if local charities around the globe were doing their best to pull support in through TV, through radio and the odd bit of social media. But it seemed that these charities were still not being heard or supported.

Rick’s idea was to make life a little simpler. To convince the megastars of media (YES YOU) to share a single link that leads back to one place. One site where charities and donors can come too feel supportive and supported; one pot of money, and resources, which can offer immediate relief for those that really need it. So simple, potentially SO effective.

It’s the age of social media people. This can work!

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What's different about us?

What's different about us?

It is our mission to seek out and build lasting RELATIONSHIPS with those people that lack the support to reach their potential to effect lasting and positive change for their COMMUNITY.

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Our mission!

Our mission!

Everyone has potential. Everyone has purpose. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the tools to convert their terrific potential into super success. Our mission is to find those earth shakers and world changers and give them the kit they need to fulfil their purpose
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With your help...

With your help...

Spreading the word is the most important tool we have here at Project Ash. Your voice allying to our cause is an incredible privilege. Your efforts will get people fired up about all of the amazing work we are doing…

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We’re on a mission to solve global problems and reinvent charities for a new generation.

Nutrition & Life Saving Food

When we get the right food at the right time our brains and bodies develop the way they should. When this doesn’t happen, malnutrition occurs. It robs us of our futures and threatens our lives.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

For children to grow up healthy and happy, they need access to clean water, proper sanitation, and good hygiene. Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are basic human rights, that Project Ash is working to uphold for every child.

Life-Saving Vaccinations

Deadly diseases like measles, polio, tetanus, tuberculosis, diphtheria and whooping cough are all easily and cheaply preventable by vaccination. Yet every day, 16,000 children under five die, usually because they don’t get the health care and life-saving vaccines they need.

Our Long-Term Support

We help communities to recover as quickly as possible and prepare them for the future. That means making sure children can continue their education and have access to the services that will give them the chance to not only survive but to thrive.

Together our impact knows no limits

Fancy volunteering in your local area?

Want to take action or join a local campaign? Become a proud
volunteer with Project Ash!

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